Keynote Speaker

Susan Fischer of 9 Energies

Keynote: 11 a.m. in the Mt Tech Student Union Building, downstairs in the Kelly Steward Room
Booth: 9 Energies will have a booth to help you discover which of the 9 energies you are.
Phone: (406) 577-6553 

There are 9 physiologically different kinds of people. Through a physical process 9 Energies can identify which of the Natural Energies is active in your body. This gives you access to your Cosmic Self – from this place of activation you begin to initiate change from your deepest self in alignment with your best purpose.

Your Natural Energy is communicated to the world around you by physical and energetic factors. It can be seen in the:

Movement Nexus: Each Natural Energy initiates movement from a particular part of the body using specific muscles and bones.

Facial Expression: a very particular facial expression is visible on the face for each Natural Energy.

Posture of Activation: Each Natural Energy has a physical posture that assists with the activation of the energy, and can be used to determine which center is most active.

Energy Signature: When the Natural Energy is stimulated in the body it has a particular energetic impact.

9 Energies Mission

Our mission is to introduce the understanding of the 9 physiologically different kinds of people to the world with sufficient impact that this knowledge permeates our human understanding. Our immediate goal is to identify the Natural Energies of 85% of the people of Bozeman and Montana so that the impact of this understanding can be explored on a community level. Our second goal is to teach teachers and Identifiers of this work, the understanding, the physicality, the activation of the 9 Natural Energies in sufficient quantity and quality that the information and understanding can grow and have continually greater impact on our human experience.

If you know of anyone who would like to be our keynote speaker please contact us at (406) 491-4460 or at