Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.  If you have questions that are not answered here, contact us and we will get them answered for you!

What types of practitioners are welcome at your fair?

At this time, we welcome all types of practitioners as well as multiple of the same type.  So, we may have 2 Reiki practitioners or 2 Oracle Card Readers, etc.  Why?  We are working on releasing the old paradigm of ego and completion to usher in the new paradigm of "we are one" free from competition and ego.  The universe will bring those you are meant to heal to you when you are read

Are you charging extra for extra tables?

At this time, no.  Please be sure to contact us if you need more space.

Can practitioners or even vendors split a booth.

Of course!  We only ask that you specify that on your vendor application and be sure that each business is noticeable and can be recognized as two separate entities.

What is the session structure and session price for practitioners?

Practitioners set their own fees and session times.  We only ask that you set times that are within reason.  You can do 15, 20, 25, 30 or even 35 but we would like to make sure that fair goers have ample opportunity to see the practitioners that they feel can help them.  Just use your best judgement.

Do the volunteers get paid?

At this time, no.  The volunteer times are mostly set up into 2 hour shifts.  If you have only 1 hour to give, let us know.  Your time is very valuable to us and we are thankful, grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to work with you and have you join us in this adventure.  Contact us for more information.

Are CBD oils and Hemp products allowed at the fair.

Unfortunately at this time, no due to event insurance parameters.  We are however, allowing those who do sell those products to set up a booth with informational pamphlets, etc. to help begin educating the public about these products.  Contact us for more information.